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Travel Tips

Absolutely, visiting Srinagar, Jammu, and Leh, is indeed an enriching and beautiful experience. Here are some travel tips for your visit:

Best Time to Visit:
Srinagar and Jammu are best suited for a visit in Summer, specifically from April to October. Leh, located at a high altitude, is mainly visited in Summer, especially between June to September, when the roads are clear and accessible.

Route and Accessibility:
Jammu is well connected with major Indian cities by air, train, and road, whereas Srinagar and Leh have airports as well but are also often visited by road which offers stunning views. Leh can be accessed from Srinagar via Kargil on NH - 1 which remains open all year round.

Altitude and Acclimatization:
Regarding altitude, whereas Jammu and Srinagar are relatively low, Leh is situated at a very high altitude (around 3500 meters), causing low air pressure. This may lead to altitude sickness. Spend the first few days acclimatizing and avoid strenuous activity.

Accommodation and Booking:
Many good hotels are available in all three places. Try to book based on your preferences and affordability. Booking in advance, especially during peak season, would be beneficial.

Clothing and Essentials:
Clothing would depend on your visit time. During summer, for Srinagar and Jammu light woollen clothes and for Leh heavy woollens are recommended. However, during winter heavy woollens are required in all three locations. Don't forget to carry your essential toiletries, medicines and sufficient cash as ATM access could be very limited in some parts of Leh.

Health and Safety:
Expect roads to be rough, winding and susceptible to landslides during heavy rain. Carry essential medicines and a first aid kit along and be updated about the local weather forecasts.

Local Etiquette and Respect:
Respect local traditions and culture. Ask for permission before taking pictures of locals especially in Leh as it's an army sensitive region. Also, remember to dress modestly, especially while visiting sacred spaces.