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Day 5
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Day 5

Travel Tips

Absolutely! Here are some essential tips for your journey to Calgary, Drumheller, Canmore, and Jasper.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Calgary and these parts of Alberta would be from June to August, during the summer season when most tourist attractions are open and weather is typically warmer.

Route and Accessibility:

Calgary's International airport makes this city a good starting point. Drumheller is about a 90-minute drive from Calgary. Canmore is around an hour away from Calgary towards the west. To proceed to Jasper, travel along the scenic Icefields Parkway, plan about 4 to 5 hours for this journey as you would surely want to stop along the way for stunning views.

Altitude and Acclimatization:

Altitudes in Alberta vary. While Calgary is about 1,000 meters above sea level, the altitudes in Jasper can reach upto 3,300 meters. Though normally not extreme enough for altitude sickness, remember to stay hydrated.

Accommodation and Booking:

Booking your accommodation in advance is especially recommended during summer and winter seasons. From luxury hotels to cozy lodges and cabins, there's ample choice for all budgets.

Clothing and Essentials:

Depending on the season, pack accordingly. Always have a wind and waterproof jacket, good walking shoes, sunglasses and a hat. If you plan to hike or camp, remember to carry all necessary gear.

Health and Safety:

General health and safety rules apply. Use sunscreen and insect repellent. Stay on marked trails when hiking and respect wildlife at all times.

Local Etiquette and Respect:

People in Alberta are generally friendly and casual. Respect nature and adhere to all regulations, especially concerning wildlife and national parks. Don't forget to tip for services, as it's a common practice. Standard tipping is 15-20% on the pre-tax total of your bill.