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Day 8
05:00 pm
16h 24m
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09:24 am
11,819 km
Day 9

Travel Tips

Absolutely! Here are the helpful travel tips for your visit to Umluj, Jeddah, and Mecca:

Best Time to Visit:
The best time to travel would be during the winter months, namely November to April, when temperatures are lower and more comfortable. Ramadan and Hajj periods are busiest.

Route and Accessibility:
Direct flights are available to Jeddah from many international locations. From Jeddah, Umluj is around a 4-hour drive to the north. Mecca is to the south-east of Jeddah, approximately 1-hour drive depending upon traffic.

Altitude and Acclimatization:
These cities are located at sea level, so you don't need to worry about high altitude acclimatization. Stay hydrated due to the hot, dry climate.

Accommodation and Booking:
Jeddah and Mecca, especially, have a wide range of hotels to choose from, for all budgets. Book your accommodations well in advance especially if you are traveling during the Hajj pilgrimage or Ramadan.

Clothing and Essentials:
Saudi Arabia is hot so lightweight clothes are suggested. However, remember the country's Islamic modesty requirements - loose, opaque clothing that covers the shoulders and knees, with women also needing to cover their hair in public places. Sunscreen and hydrated solution are must to take in your luggage.

Health and Safety:
Carry a basic first-aid kit and any personal medications you might need. Consider travel and health insurance for your trip. It's also worth mentioning that COVID-19 precautions should be strictly adhered to, in line with the Kingdom's public health guidelines.

Local Etiquette and Respect:
Respect religious customs like prayer timings when most businesses close for about 30 minutes. During Ramadan, you should not eat, drink, or smoke in public during daylight hours. Non-Muslims are prohibited from entering certain parts of Mecca.